John Brunsdon 1933 - 2014




Born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 15th August.


Entered Cheltenham Grammar School where he received generous encouragement from his Art Master, George Ryland.


Studied Cheltenham College of Art painting, drawing and etching under Stanley Dent and Ken Oliver for four years. First noticed the paintings and etchings of Julian Trevelyan, whom he admired, at an exhibition of British Contemporary Art held in Cheltenham .


National Service. Gunner with the 94th Locating Regiment, Germany .


Studied etching at the Royal College of Art for three years. Contemporary with Robyn Denny and Alan Green. Having been interviewed and accepted by Robert Austin two years previously, it was a revelation to find Julian Trevelyan had become Head of Etching. Other teachers included Edwin La-Dell, Allister Grant, Edward Ardizzone and Edward Bawden. His own work now influenced by the American Abstract- Expressionists.


Took accommodation and studio at The Digswell Arts Trust, Hertfordshire, with fellow student John Sturgess. Meets the sculptor, John Mills. To supplement income printed other artists plates, including Julian Trevelyan, Richard Beer, Gabriel White, George Chapman, Derrick Greaves and others. Began selling work to galleries.


Invited by Michael Chase to exhibit at the Zwemmer Gallery, ‘New Editions’.


Moved to Woburn, Bedfordshire. Began teaching portrait painting part-time at St. Albans School of Art. First visit to Central Wales to collect information for a series of plates reflecting the abstract nature of the landscape.


Published The Technique of Etching and Engraving, Batsfords.


Founder member of the Print Makers Council with Michael Rothenstein, Valerie Thornton and others. First one man show at Lund, Sweden .


Birth of his son, Hayden. Visits the Pembrokeshire coast with family. A series of plates are etched and printed on his return.


First one man exhibition in Britain at the Curwen Gallery, London.


Establishes printmaking at St. Albans School of Art with assistance from the Principal, Anthony Harris. Now teaching full-time.


Visits Cumbria for the first time. A series of plates are opened which reflect a greater figurative approach.


At the invitation of David Case he becomes one of the first artists to join Christie’s Contemporary Art. With Edward Bawden, David Gentleman and Gerd Winner he is represented in The Daily Telegraph Magazine, November Issue No. 474, The British Landscape, CCA.


Exhibits Fishguard at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


First one exhibition in the United States of America at the Alice Simsar Gallery, Ann Abor, Michigan.


A working holiday in Dorset to draw and take photographs of the landscape for a series of plates.


Moves to Stradbroke, Suffolk . Retires from teaching to concentrate on etching. The landscape of Suffolk and Norfolk now features in his work. Also the ancient sites of Stonehenge and Avebury. Commissioned by James Sherwood, Sea Containers, for twelve plates of Venice for the Hotel Cipriani. A number of commissions are established from now on, including the National Trust.


A Dorset landscape is commissioned by the Council for the Protection of Rural Britain .


Takes his father, who is dying of cancer, to Egypt . Visiting the tombs he is astonished to see the similarity between his stylised trees and those of the ancient Egyptians carved in the walls. A series of plates are etched on his return. His work becomes increasingly figurative.


First one man show in Europe at the Galarie L’Angle Aigue, Brussels .


Moves from Stradbroke to an isolated sixteenth century cottage in rural Suffolk .


Visits to Cumbria and Dorset in search of material fur new plates of the landscape. First one man exhibition in Australia at the Chapman Gallery, Canberra .


From now on engaged with recording Britain’s buildings and associated landscape in association with Contemporary Arts.


One man exhibitions at the City churches of St Mary Le Bow and St Catherine Cree, London .


The Tower of London painting represented on the front cover of Spring edition of The Illustrated London News. A series of plates showing London from the Thames are etched. Also, Waddesdon Manor for the National Trust, Longleat House for the Marquess of Bath and a series fur the Helmsley Heritage Trust. A working holiday to Lyme Regis with Ibby Saunders and Peter Rumley . One man exhibition at Heffers Gallery, Cambridge .


The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust plates of nineteen views represents the largest commission he has undertaken to date.


Retrospective exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London.


Continues to work in his Suffolk studio visiting the East Anglian Landscape for inspiration, with visit to Brittany, Kent, Surrey, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Scotland.


Died in Ipswich 13th April 2014.